If you have been to a magazine stand recently or quickly glossed over the covers at the supermarket while waiting in line you might look past the stories featured and find yourself checking out the newsstand price. Most of the time it’s an impulse buy because who wants to read about the same people over and over each week or month? If you held up your hand, that’s okay. In order to feed your curiosity without emptying your wallet or checkbook in the process, it is best to get a subscription.

A typical magazine costs about $4.00 depending on where you buy it, sometimes you can find a coupon for a dollar off but if you regularly read it each month then why not save some money and enjoy the perk of home delivery. Although the newsstand displays it more prominently, it still has the same information if you purchase it month to month or buy it by subscription.

Children’s magazines are better suited for subscriptions, that way they can collect issues and enjoy them longer. The content in a children’s magazine is designed to last longer than the story in a news related magazine anyway. Magazines that are geared towards adult issues or themed around your trade or interest are better suited for subscriptions because they can ebb and flow with the seasons.

Many recognizable magazines are starting to post on line and buying a subscription isn’t necessary unless you are a collector or want to pass them on to somebody who wants the whole set. Perhaps you write for a certain magazine and obtaining a subscription allows you to show others your work in print. Even though a single subscription can save you a lot of money, there are some websites that allow you to pick several magazines for the price of one copy at the newsstand.

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