You might have heard that banner advertising is dead. Nothing
could be further from the truth! If you can find a banner
exchange that gives you a decent ratio you can begin branding of
your site, and branding may be the one thing you MUST do to get
and keep business.

Banner ads and banner exchanges are great tools for branding your
site. Even better, most banner ads can be shown for free through
banner swaps. It isn’t necessary to purchase ads to have a
successful branding campaign.

You must however, remember the most important part about using
banners for branding –The Brand! Never create a banner, button,
or other graphic to submit to any exchange be it banner ads,
reciprocal links, etc., that does not have your name, logo, or
tag line (Slogan) on it.

Try to get two of the three on it if you can, and always have a
call to action on the banner; such as, “Click here!”, “Sign up
today!”, or “Limited Time!” to get the viewer to click on the
link and visit your site.

Whether they purchase or not is not important – well, not the
main thing — getting your brand (Site, name, product, etc.) in
front of the potential customer is the goal for a first time
viewer of your banner.

The whole idea behind branding is getting your name or face out
there over and over again so people who are surfing see you
everywhere they go!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/28065


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